Photo Session Highlights

Whether it is a s senior photo session. a couple having engagement photos, a session for a family of 4, or a family of 40  it is our goal to make our time together a low stress fun event to remember with a smile.  

We like to arrive a little early to visit and meet everyone.  It always help to meet the kids to help resolve some of their anxiety, this also applies to the husbands.

 We do not arrive with a specific fixed  agenda of posed photos in mind, instead we arrive with the goal to meet everyone, have an hour or so of fun together, and capture some great memories; some posed & some candid. People ask how many photos will we have, there is no fixed limit.  For example a family of 3 may have around 100 images whereas a family of 30 may have over 200.

The great thing about the beach is the sun, sand, and surf.  What are the biggest photographic problems at the beach?  The sun, sand, and surf plus the wind.  Photos  are always dependent on the lighting.  In a studio, the photographer has full control of the lighting.  On the beach we try to schedule around the times when lighting should be manageable but in the end there will almost always be glare, shadows, squinting, hair in the wind.  Remember, it is the beach–these are the beach memories.

It is not uncommon for the group to get more and more daring as we work closer to the surf to the point of people actually playing in the surf and maybe even someone(s) getting dunked.  

Plan on sitting in the sand (chairs or standing if preferred) and unless there are objections, everyone will probably be a bit damp to the knees  (maybe even a lot higher) when we are done.