Dress Code Tips


During the summer months there are several things that one can expect while on the beach:
wind, high humidity, bright sun light and high temperature.

Please keep these points in  mind when planning & setting expectations for a Beach Photo session:

Dress Code
Wear what is comfortable, expecially for the kids.  A common theme and color code works well for groups.  White tops and khaki shorts or slacks are probably the most common attire but in the end choose something that the family is comfortable in. Remember that everyone may be a bit “damp or even wet” when we are done.  For groups with multiple families different colored tops for each family work well.

Stick with solid colors – avoid stripes, plaids, florals, logos or other writing. Dark, bold colors photograph better than pastels in the beach light.

White sun dresses are popular and lovely on the beach.  A full skirt or dress will work best.  Avoid  tight and/or short skirts, they tend to become problematic when sitting or moving in the sand.

We request that sunshades be removed.  In the end it is your decision to remove them for the photo or not.  To help avoid squinting so bad we suggest avoiding sunshades as much as possible for a day or two prior to the photo session.

They should be rested, fed, and relaxed, with no sense of stress…..this also applies to the husbands  in the group. Feel free to have some favorite beach toys for the kids to play with.  For the very young a blanket or beach towel may be helpful. Small beach chairs also work well for group shots of all the kids.