After a number of request we are adding a new download option to our overall pricing. 

 This download option will allow for a several week reduction in the access time to the full set of your Topsail photos.  You may purchase a CD only when needed or if not equipped for  a large download and zip file.

Session Information
all photos may be ordered as prints from the site, as a full set download zip file, & on a CD
Family Photo Session* Typical venue is beach house.
Other options available as needed or requested
 $50 for  up to 9 people
$75 for 10 to 14 people
$5 per person 15 and above
Senior Photo Session* 1 person
2 venues
2 basic on location wardrobe changes
 Senior/Family  Photo Session*  1 venue  $75 for Senior and up to 9 people (including senior)
$100 for 10 to 14 people (including senior)
$5 per person above 15 (including senior)
 Engagement Photo Session*  2 People
2 Venues
 Maternity Photo Session*  2 People
2 Venues
(children may be included)
 * A $50 deposit is required to secure a photo session.
 Price Information
 Prints from web site may be ordered from your private web page by anyone with the access information  4X6
$2.00 Color
$5.00 Color_____ $7.00 B/W
$10.00 Color___ $15.00 B/W
$30.00 Color____ $40.00 B/W
$40.00 Color____ $55.00 B/W
CD of all posted photos Contains high-res jpg files of all posted photos with copyright release printed on the label
  • $175.00  if purchased at start of Session or before.
  • $200 if purchased after start of photo session
  • $30 S&H via USPS
  • $10 for copies.  No S&H if shipped to same address as master CD
File Download- a New Photo Option for your convenience.
Zip file of all posted photos
  • .A Link will be provided to download a zip file containing high-res jpg image files. Zip file will be up to 2 Gb or larger.  
  • Download time will be dependent on your internet service.  
  • Available for download when photos are posted.
  • Windows or Mac computer recommended
  •  $175 at start of Session or before.
  •  $200 if purchased after the session starts
  • Optional:  $30 for backup CD, S&H included

1. General:

   a. Due to the custom and unique nature of the work per project, individual prices are subject to adjustment up or down depending on the duration and/or complexity of the project.

   b. A non-refundable deposit is required to “lock” the date/project. Payment in full is due prior to start of photo session.   Full refund is provided if session canceled due to weather.

   c. Travel to/from locations outside the Topsail Island area will include a mileage fee of $0.75/mile.

3. Proofs are posted in a secure area of our site. A password is provided for user access and viewing.
4. For best results ZIP should be downloaded to a Windows or Mac computer. A download to a phone or tablet may not be successful.